The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor

The new single from BOUND FOR GLORY – the upcoming gospel album by Jack and Kitty. “The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor” (a traditional bluegrass gospel tune), finds Jack on guitar and mandolin. Kitty sings harmonies and plays jug, snare drum and gutbucket bass. Look for the full album of traditional songs of faith and inspiration later this year.

Sweet Birds Of Riddim

This 2017 EP is a collection of organic vaudeville and jug band folk for all ages influenced by the Jamaican mento music of the 1920s and 1930s. Jack and Kitty play all instruments heard on the album.

Our Secret Song

2016 album of original material. Steeped in whimsical poetry, surrealist folk and vintage ragtime jazz, the album was recorded on a vintage reel to reel tape deck, pressed once onto a vinyl record and dubbed track by track from that test pressing to digital formats for the modern era. This decidedly lo-fi approach helps give the entire collection an eerie landscape of tape hiss, needle pops and warmth which is increasingly hard to capture in this modern age. With lyrics that evoke Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and even Tom Waits or John Prine, this collection is full of strangely desperate characters wandering through tales of love lost and found. Joined by an unknown group of musicians playing theremin, string bass, piano, accordion, tuba, typewriter and a vintage trap kit, Jack and Kitty recorded the entire album live on one vintage 1944 RCA ribbon microphone.

Jug Band Blues

This digital single finds Jack on bottleneck slide guitar and Kitty on jug, megaphone and kazoo-a-phone. Joined by a dixieland swing band, this live recording was made in Minneapolis in the summer of 2017. This classic song was originally recorded by the Memphis Jug Band in 1934 and released as “Jug Band Quartette”. It has become something of a standard with covers by Lucinda Williams, Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band and the Lovin’ Spoonful released over the years. Jack and Kitty’s version is based on the original 1934 recording.

You Make Me Happy

A 2016 album of original material aimed at a children’s and family audience. Positive preschool pop heavily influenced by early Americana traditions, this collection has an organic vaudeville vibe with influences of honky tonk country, bluegrass, ragtime jazz and old-time folk. The album was recorded in Minneapolis and Nashville and invites listeners to dance like monkeys, hop like kangaroos, do the hula, stomp on one foot and go bananas in Jamaica. Fun for the whole family, You Make Me Happy is a madcap musical journey that will make all ages…happy!