LYRICS: The Gypsy


KITTY: Where you goin’ with all that money undercover?

JACK: I’m goin’ to see a spiritualist on my departed brother. There’s an old lady live down back of that shed, she can tell you where folks gone after they’re dead. I had a brother die a short while back, and I’d like to find out, just where that boy’s at.

KITTY: If you’re going down there, you’re just wastin’ your time, cause talking to the dead folks that’s my line. First I go into a trance, you know it against my will, wanna know about your brother, you gotta gimmie dollar bill.

JACK: Now you can tell me about my brother?

KITTY: Wouldn’t tell you ‘bout no other.

JACK: About my brother now, here’s a dollar bill.

KITTY: I’m going into a trance, don’t talk too loud. I can see that boy, he’s flying through the clouds. He’s flying right up, through the air. He’s flying straight to Heaven, sure as I’m standing here. But I’m out of that trance, and I hate to make a holler, wanna know about your brother, you gotta gimmie ‘nother dollar.

JACK: Got to give you another dollar?

KITTY: Yeah, gimmie another dollar. Gotta gimmie another dollar wanna know where he’s at.

JACK: Well, yeah, don’t leave him hangin’ in the air like that.

KITTY: I’m going right back into the land of dreams. He’s flying right up towards Heaven it seems. He’s now within ten feet of the Golden Gate. And oh within two feet of the Golden Gate. But I’m outta that trance and I hate to tell you sonny, wanna know about your brother you gotta gimmie more money.

JACK: Yeah, but this the last dollar bill I got to my name!

KITTY: Have to leave him where he’s hanging at and that’s a shame!

JACK: Well, where’d you say that boy was the last time you state?

KITTY: Just within two feet of the Golden Gate. But without another dollar that’s all I can tell.

JACK: That’s all your can tell?

KITTY: That’s all I can tell.

JACK: Well, if he can’t jump in two feet he can go to $%@#! I’ll be seein’ ya!