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Jack and Kitty love to present concerts of their unique blend of “Organic Vaudeville and Jug Band Folk” music to audiences of all ages, around the world. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota they tour full-time and are available to a wide range of venues: from theaters and performing arts centers to fairs, festivals, parks and more!

Jack and Kitty (Copyright 2017 Brizo Media Group)Jack and Kitty offer a fully costumed, clean and fun show – heavily influenced by the American vaudeville, circus and medicine show minstrels of the 1890s through the 1930s. The positive energy, laid back laughter and top notch musicianship which the husband and wife duo bring to every show make them a hit with audiences…and their professional, easy-to-work-with attitude finds them frequently booked back by venues and concert presenters year after year!

Their upbeat, comedic live shows find the duo singing and playing: guitar, slide guitar, banjo, ukulele, autoharp, harmonica, whizbang, jug, washboard, kazoo-a-phone, rumba box, stomp bucket, bongos, spoons, bones, castanets, trumpet, tambo and more.


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Let’s let Kitty answer this one directly:

Jack and Kitty (Copyright 2017 Brizo Media Group)We believe music is the soundtrack to life. It’s something we all share in, something we should do together, something that should be celebrated by the entire community! For years we struggled with answering the question: “do you play for adults or kids?”. We finally realized the answer is profoundly simple: we play for everyone!

Kids are welcome at all our shows. Every show we play will be professional, clean and wholesome. But sometimes we sing in bars and sometimes we sing in preschools. Either way, we sing to build community. Song selection may change based on our audience, but that’s what makes live concerts fun: every show is different and unique and special. The folk singer’s job is to bring all people together through music. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as seeing three generations of families coming to our shows and enjoying the concert. So kids: bring your parents and grandparents. Adults: bring the kiddos! This is a family folk party!

For a partial list of songs, please click here.


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Jack and Kitty (Copyright 2017 Brizo Media Group)HOLIDAY SHOWS

Jack and Kitty LOVE to perform holiday shows each winter!

They have a long list of Christmas classics, seasonal favorites and even enjoying taking requests from the audience. The perfect entertainment for your holiday event!

For a partial list of songs, please click here.


Jack and Kitty (Copyright 2017 Brizo Media Group)Jack and Kitty have backgrounds in early childhood education. They enjoy presenting educational workshops. Some examples of workshops they can offer are:

  • Songwriting for Kids (elementary kids)
  • Songwriting for Teens (middle through high school kids)
  • Instrument Building (preschool kids)
  • Basics of Music Business and Promoting Yourself (adults)
  • Filmmaking Basics (teens through adults)
  • Making a Music Video (teens through adults)
  • The History of American Jug Band Music from the 1920s and 1930s (teens through adults)

Please email us with any questions or to brainstorm your community education needs.


An hour long concert video filmed on 10/27/17 in Rochester, Minnesota. Plenty of songs, stories and “jokes”. Jack sings and plays guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica. Kitty sings and plays whizbang washboard, snare, trumpet, bongos, kazoo-a-phone, jug.

Note: This is more of a “show” (i.e. people purchased tickets to watch them), so there’s more talking and comedy then a background gig at a bar or club. Jack and Kitty are good about “reading the room” and acting accordingly in either situation.


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