BLOG: 10.13.17

JackAndKitty_TheBaptismOfJesseTaylorSooooooo excited to share with y’all our new single from BOUND FOR GLORY – the upcoming gospel album we are working on.

“The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor” (a traditional bluegrass gospel tune), finds Jack on guitar and mandolin. Kitty sings harmonies and plays jug, snare drum and gutbucket bass. Look for the full album of traditional songs of faith and inspiration later this year.

To download and make a financial donation: Bandcamp

To download and not donate: Soundcloud

Listen online now…

BLOG: 10.6.17

We wanted to share the story of how we went from homeless to having four songs in a new Hollywood film by A24​ called The Florida Project​ starring Willem Dafoe​ by director Sean Baker​. The movie comes up TODAY in New York and Los Angeles!

*** Watch this Vlog for inspiration!! ***

Also – in this video Jack impales himself with an Emmy Award and bleeds everywhere!

Here’s a crazy photo with the cast of The Florida Project at the Cannes Film Festival…look behind them on the screen! 😉


BLOG: 9.29.17

Getting ready to shoot a music video for “Ghost of the St. Louis Blues” this weekend. Just in time for Halloween. Here’s a lil’ spoiler…


BLOG: 9.22.17

We made a different vlog. It was really fun to put this one together. We were so inspired by the new Darren Aronofsky film, “mother!” – Jack saw it twice and I saw it once this past week, that we just had to make a vlog about this super crazy, inspiring and moving film.

What did you guys think? Have you seen it? Go to our YouTube Channel and tell me in the comments!!

Also, we share kind of a crazy story about a song we placed in the horror film we are directing that will be released next year. Check it out…

Have a meowvelous weekend,

BLOG: 9.15.17

Jack and Kitty (Copyright 2017 Brizo Media Group)Planning ahead. Wayyyyy ahead. It’s something many artists struggle with. Thankfully, I love it. Brings some sense of order to chaos of life. People think I’m crazy, but I keep a two year planner on me. Yes, a paper one. I just haven’t learned to fully trust my mobile device yet. Maybe I never will.

We’re starting to map out our next BIG European tour. It’s so exciting. We’ll be going a year from now (in September/October 2018). Dates are listed below.

If you wanna hang out when we’re in town, we’d love to connect with you. Or, if you are a venue that wants to host a show, just email:


9/2/18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
9/3/18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
9/4/18 – The Hague, Netherlands
9/5/18 – Rotterdam, Netherlands
9/6/18 – Utrecht, Netherlands
9/7/18 – Essen, Germany
9/8/18 – Cologne, Germany
9/9/18 – Hamburg, Germany
9/10/18 – Odense, Denmark
9/11/18 – Aarhus, Denmark
9/12/18 – Aalborg, Denmark
9/13/18 – Kristiansand, Norway
9/14/18 – Stavanger, Norway
9/15/18 – Bergen, Norway
9/16/18 – Oslo, Norway
9/17/18 – Oslo, Norway
9/18/18 – Gothenburg, Sweden
9/19/18 – Malmo, Sweden
9/20/18 – Copenhagen, Denmark
9/21/18 – Berlin, Germany
9/22/18 – Berlin, Germany
9/23/18 – Prague, Czech Republic
9/24/18 – Prague, Czech Republic
9/25/18 – Vienna, Austria
9/26/18 – Graz, Austria
9/27/18 – Salzburg, Austria
9/28/18 – Munich, Germany
9/29/18 – Zurich, Switzerland
9/30/18 – Bern, Switzerland
10/1/18 – Lausanne, Switzerland
10/2/18 – Geneva, Switzerland
10/3/18 – Basel, Switzerland
10/4/18 – Frankfurt, Germany
10/5/18 – Brussels, Belgium
10/6/18 – Brussels, Belgium
10/7/18 – Ghent, Belgium
10/8/18 – Anterp, Belgium
10/9/18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/10/18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

See you next year, Eurofriends!

Have a great weekend,

BLOG: 9.8.17

Sooooo we just release an EP called SWEET BIRDS OF RIDDIM.

The six song digital album is a collection of organic vaudeville and jug band folk for all ages influenced by the Jamaican mento music of the 1920s and 1930s. We play all instruments heard on the album which was recorded this past week. We produced, engineered and mixed the album at our home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We plan on expanding this album to a full length and to release music videos for each song. Sometime early next year. Look for music videos for each song early next year.

I thought it’d be fun to share some background on each song and links so you can listen to the entire album for free right here…


My uncle is Bunny Wailer (of Bob Marley and the Wailers fame) and Jack’s babysitter was Tiny Tim so it only seems appropriate for us to include a mash-up of Bob Marley and Tiny Tim’s most popular tunes!


A classic 1920s hot jazz hokum tune.


Our take on the old 1920s minstrel blues tune recorded by yodeler Emmett Miller.


We wrote this tune!


A classic vaudeville comedy bit. Done by many old minstrels and medicine show pitchmen.


The melody of this song was written in Haiti in the 1880s, the lyrics were written in Jamaica in the 1920s.

Thanks for reading/listening! 🙂

Have a Meowvelous Weekend,

BLOG: 9.1.17

IMG_7191Hey guys, hope you are having a great day.

Today we released a new vlog (it’s a pretty goofy “Room Tour” video of our strange lair). In that vid, we briefly mentioned our love of Jamaican mento music. I’m always surprised at how obscure mento music truly is.

In a nutshell: it is pre-ska, pre-reggae, folk music of Jamaica. It has it’s roots in the 1920s and 1930s but wasn’t really documented on record until the late 1940s and 1950s. No one fully knows what the mento music of the 1920s sounded like, but the recordings of the 1940s/50s give us tiny glimpses.

I am always shocked by how similar Jamaican mento music is to American jug band and hillbilly string band music. The above photo was taken in Jamaica in the 1940s. A key element to mento is the use of “homemade” or “unconventional” instruments – which is a key element to jug band music as well.

I wanted to share two videos with y’all to convey my point.

Here’s a very rare film clip of Jamaican fiddler Theodore Miller leading a mento group:

And now here’s a clip of American group Whistler’s Jug Band:

Interesting that the Jamaican group sounds so “bluegrassey”, no? Both groups share a very similar vibe and approach in their musicality.

Both genres are exciting to me. But the most exciting? Finding the links, the common threads, the chain of musical traditions that both groups were influenced by. It is a passionate, never-ending quest of mine.

Have a great holiday weekend,

BLOG: 8.25.17

Jack and Kitty (Copyright 2017 Brizo Media Group)Hello! Welcome to our newly redesigned online home. Thanks for stopping by.

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of August. We had an amazing past few months. We started our Summer Tour in Seattle in mid May. We ended in late July in Savannah. We literally drove across America and saw both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans within the span of a few months! In between, we played just over 200 shows in 31 states! Pretty crazy. We’ll be staying closer to home for the next several months.

We had a LOT of time in the car and much of it was spent on pre-production brainstorming for our upcoming TV series. In that spirit, we came home and started to re-launch the look of our website.

We just did a new Vlog all about branding, marketing and the magic of the “two second rule” – check it out. While on YouTube, please Subscribe to our new Vlog Channel because it really helps.

We’ll be posting new Vlogs AND new Blogs every Friday so be sure to stop by again soon.

Have a Meowvelous Weekend,